With 360,000 gallons of locally stored propane reserves, Prism Propane is well equipped to serve even the largest accounts in the area, with confidence that all demands can be met.

Agricultural Propane Services

Prism Propane offers competitive pricing for farm propane gas, such as grain drying and heating for shops or work areas. Give us a call for pricing on all your farming needs for propane.


Cylinder Exchange

Let Prism Propane design a forklift cylinder exchange that will work for all factory and warehouse needs.


On-site Cylinder Refilling

Prism Propane offers an onsite-refilling program that features professionals who travel directly to the site to refill forklift cylinders. An inspection for the aluminum cylinders also will be conducted to ensure operational safety.

Commercial Heating

Prism Propane offers special rates for commercial businesses. Room conditioning and water heating are just a few of the propane needs we can accommodate. Call today to speak with a technician about how to fill your propane needs.

Temporary Construction Heating

Prism Propane offers temporary heating for construction sites. A professional will size the tank and regulators to meet all equipment requirements. We also offer permanent home heating after the construction is completed. Call today for more information.

Auto Gas

From schools to municipalities Prism Propane can handle all propane fleet needs for propane. We can set up propane tanks and pumps on site for your convenience. Give us a call today to learn more about certain alternative fuel tax credits when converting a fleet to propane gas.

Emergency Propane Service

You can feel confident with Prism Propane’s 24 hour Emergency Service, available all day every day, we are always here for you. For emergency response you can call 877-887-7476.

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